Spec.LA is an invitation-only makers' meetup, held monthly in Los Angeles. There is an optional dinner at 7pm, and then the meeting convenes at 8pm. The meeting comprises a series of 5-minute demos, followed by drinks and discussion. All members are encouraged to demo, and invitees are required to demo.

Spec.LA was created by David Guttman and the current organization team is Jim Bumgardner and Alexx Henry. You may contact us at team@spec.la.

The Demo

Participants demo interesting projects that they have created or worked on and that they are proud of, are passionate about, and/or have learned something from. Previous demos have included neurobiology, kinetic art, high-altitude ballooning, mechanical musical instruments, nascent non-profits, taxidermy, and a great many projects involving LEDs and microprocessors.

All demos and invitations are for individuals only, not for groups or teams. There are no multi-participant demos. Giving a demo on a team project is fine, but the participant should concentrate on his or her own contributions.

Esoteric or specialized demos are great. We're a diverse bunch, and we've had amazing demos from an immense range of disciplines.

Participants may show videos during a demo, but these must be limited to a total of 2 minutes in length.

Participants should do a couple run-throughs beforehand. Demo-demons prey upon the unrehearsed, and it's important to get a sense of timing. Demos should be between 5 and 10 minutes in length.

A participant's demo should address the following questions:


After a successful demo, an invitee may be promoted to member. Members may attend future events with or without demoing. Members also have first priority for available demo slots at events.

Members are encouraged to refer new people to request an invitation if they would enjoy Spec.LA and be a good addition to our events.